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Alabama Association of RC&D Councils

Alabama has  nine RC&D Councils and a State Association which basically serves as an  umbrella non-profit to assist all the individual Councils. Alabama RC&Ds  are very fortunate to receive significant funds from the State. We have faced  funding cuts but continue to receive support from the State.   Alabama  RC&D Councils depend on the leadership abilities and unique skills within the communities they serve. In essence, it is local people identifying their problems and opportunities and dealing with them, with a little help from the government and from others. That is why so many worthwhile projects have been undertaken and accomplished throughout the state. Another significant accomplishment of Alabama RC&Ds has been the rekindling of community spirit.

There are so many ways to describe RC&D; but in Alabama we believe it is basically people doing things for other people. The nine Alabama RC&D Councils and the State Association are proud of their accomplishments; but believe there is much more that can be done to make our communities a better place to live, work, and play. They continue to be dedicated to protecting, enhancing, and developing the state’s natural and human resources.

AARC&D Board & State Office Contact Information

Katie Thomas, Office Manager

Mailing Address: P. O. Box 3128
Location: 1445 Federal Drive
Montgomery, AL 36109
Office 334 240 3863    Cell 205 482 7962        E-mail:   kthomas.rcd@gmail.com

Alabama Association Board of Directors

William Hodge, AARCD Chairman
Raymond Wiggins, AARCD Vice Chairman
Craig Sizemore, AARCD Secretary / Treasurer                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Johnny Flowers, Past President of AARCD

Robert Harbinson, Past President of AARCD

Leonard Millender, Chair of Ala-Tom RC&D Board

Bill Latimer, Chairman AMRV Board

Paul McCaleb, Chair of CAWACO RC&D Board

Larry Raughton, Chair of Cossa Valley RC&D Board

Raymond Wiggins, Chair of Gulf Coast RC&D Board

Patti Lambrecht, Chair of Mid-South RC&D Board

Roger Hayes, Chairman, NorthWest RC&D Board

Don Sherrod, Chairman Tombigbee RC&D Board

Kurt McDaniels, Chairman, Wiregrass RC&D Board


Useful Links

The RC&D Program History

RC&D was initially started back in the 1960’s to address rural poverty and help rural communities generate sustainable natural resource-based economies. Although today many RC&D Areas are not rural and are not poor, the need for the RC&D approach is just as strong as ever.

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The RC&D Council

The RC&D Council is the heart of the RC&D concept. The Council is a membership-based nonprofit entity that is established and run by volunteers to carry out the mission of the RC&D. The Council is composed of members that are key community leaders in soil and water conservation, government, and community development.

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Town Creek Stream Restoration

In October of 2007, Cawaco R&D received a grant from ADEM to restore 1,100 feet of Town Creek, Jasper. The stream showed signs of severe erosion and degraded habitat. With partners including the City of Jasper, AL DOT, Walker County S&WCD, Jennings Environmental and North State Environmental, the stream was restored using natural channel design […]

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USDA-Natural Resources Conservation Service Outreach Field Day

Gene Thornton hosted a USDA-Natural Resources Conservation Service Field Day event for small scale and limited resource farmers in order to provide them with the latest information about programs offered through the agency. More than 35 farmers participated in the field day event. Event was held in Roanoke, AL at the Sneaky Crow Farm.

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Tannehill Alternative Waste-water Treatment

Tannehill State Park receives over 500,000 visitors a year and is financially supported by park fees. In September, 2010, EPA reduced discharge allowable limits on phosphorus from 4.5ppm to .5ppm; making the current, functioning wastewater treatment facilities in the Park out of compliance with EPA requirements. Costs to bring the facility in compliance were estimated […]

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